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SQL Compact

For developers interested in submitting apps with SQL be sure to read this thread:


The latest version of SQL Compact is 3.5 SP1. If your application is written using this version of SQL, you will need to distribute the SQL runtime. This can be done using the technique demonstrated in the multicab sample in the link above.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile : Outline of Anti Piracy Model : http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/E/5/FE59BF29-C576-401A-A4C2-D583B5F92509/Windows%20Marketplace%20for%20Mobile%20Anti-Piracy%20White%20Paper.pdf

Showcase Partners: Top Todo’s for App Certification Success

For those who are in final preparations to submit your applications, or who have submitted but are in the process of preparing for your resubmission, here’s some important guidance.

  • Review the Marketplace Certification Guide completely. This is critical. Do not submit your apps before knowing all required steps or your app could fail certification testing.
  • Take a look at the Applications Submission Walkthrough PPT and Blog by Mike Francis. (hint: view on full screen mode) This walkthrough answers the top questions we’ve been asked about app submission.
  • Review the Icon Guidelines Blog, a step-by-step tutorial on creating Application Iconography for Certification requirements. Pass this to your Graphics Design team ASAP. Do not upload iconography before following this guide.
  • If submitting in languages other than English, read the Market Validation Guidelines.

Reminder: Market Distribution!

Below are some potential markets you MAY not be thinking about. If you have submitted your application for English (in any country), you should take advantage of English in ALL countries!

To do this, make sure that you choose the other locales to submit your application into. However, you must PASS CERTIFICATION in your first submission before you can add the other markets. Below is the listing of all English regions at launch:

Country Language Locale
Australia English en-AU
Canada English en-CA
Hongkong English en-HK
India English en-IN
Ireland English en-IE
New Zealand English en-NZ
Singapore English en-SG
United Kingdom English en-GB
United States English en-US

Also, if you have an application that is localized in several languages, please make sure that you submit it for those regions as well. That way you will get the broadest possible distribution for your application at launch.

WM Marketplace is now ready to accept apps for certification.

Firstly, there are some policies and guidelines that applications must adhere to in order for them to be submitted in WM Marketplace. Details of the guidelines can be found here:

A number of tools are available for developers to test their application before certification. These include:

  • The Hopper Test Tool: a software test tool that simulates random user input on mobile devices that stresses the entre device to ensure that the application can execute in a stable fashion across an extended period of time. All applications must complete 2 hours of Hopper test without exhibiting unpredictable behaviour, hanging or crashing.
  • Application Verifier that detects memory leaks, handle leaks, leaks in GDI objects as well as detecting heap corruption.
  • Custom Icon for Windows Mobile 6.5 creation guide

A community run forum to answer questions on app submission is available here.

A walk through of the registration and app submission process can be found here.

Do submit your applications now! We have exciting programs in place to highlight the first couple of developers and their applications who are certified on Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Video walkthroughs on developer registrations and apps submission.

Developer Registration : http://www.youtube.com/user/WindowsMobileDev#play/all/1/ltiqw9DNvl0
Apps Submission:http://www.youtube.com/user/WindowsMobileDev#play/all/uploads-all/0/3siGIuz4kGM

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