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Earn reward points from apps on Windows Phone.

With the 迅寬行動賺錢達人, you can earn reward points on Windows Phone. This app was announced in the IT Show in Taiwan and had received many compliments and support from the participants

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informal analysis of how much an iPhone developer makes

Interesting article that does an analysis of how much an iPhone developer makes.

– an average of 29 cents earned per app downloaded.

– The proportion of spending on apps is under 3% of the amount spent on the device.

– an average revenue earned of 6,355 dollars per app (over 2 years)

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WP7 Training Event in New Zealand

NZ have their WP7 Training in June 2010 where more than 100 participants were given lots of useful information on how to develop their first app on WP7.
Code samples on how to build a simple quiz app using the Model-view-viewModel in Sliverlight.
Check out the site :

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top apps featured in Singapore newspaper Today.

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Stewart rips Apple over lost iPhone probe.

Posted by: wmdevasia | June 5, 2010

ReMix in Australia

Apple may have been getting all the press lately, but ReMix10 in Australia was a sell-out, highlighting continuing interest in Microsoft’s mobile development technologies.

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Apps Bundled with HD Mini

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风起云涌 Windows Phone引领精彩生活


如今,手机不仅成为人们与外界保持沟通的必备工具,更是彰显个性的最佳代名词,微软Windows Phone恰好能助力用户淋漓尽致地发挥个性,手机背景、来电铃声、来电显示、视频内容随即成为标榜真我的最佳途径。将郊外踏青的美景设为手机背景,工作间隙看一看,有助于缓解视觉疲劳并调节紧张心情;老板的来电一般不可怠慢,将动感十足的音乐设为老板来电的特色铃声,保证不会错过每一通重要的工作电话;好友是个HELLO KITTY迷,选张超级可爱的KITTY大头贴作为好友的来电显示;做地铁、搭公车的漫长等待时间,用户可以随时欣赏预存在Windows Phone手机中的热播电影。


用户可根据个人的喜好,在Windows Phone手机上安装丰富多样的第三方软件,拓展个人的手机生活。安装导航软件灵图天行者,就算用户对道路一无所知,也可以轻松快捷到达目的地;安装吉他英雄,让用户随时随地使用手机修炼吉他把玩小技巧,迅速成长为吉他高手;安装熊猫看书软件,为用户提供环保绿色的读书新方式,只需一部手机,便可实现阅万卷书,尽享生活的极致乐趣。

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